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With a strong financial tax base, the City of Sanger offers many services to the community including several financial institutes, churches of various denominations and a wide variety of retail outlets. Our students enjoy a low student to teacher ratio and Sanger currently has three daycare centers. In Sanger Texas there are several attractions for your enjoyment that are close to the hotel.

Texas Motor Speedway

3545 Lone Star Dr

Justin, TX 76247

(817) 215-8500

Texas Motor Speedway

3545 Lone Star Cir

Fort Worth, TX 76177

(817) 215-8500

For the third consecutive year, Texas Motor Speedway is seeking fans to become part of the Texas Motor Speedway Fan Council and provide insightful feedback in an effort to enhance the race experience for all the speedway's guests.

Texas Motor Speedway

3601 Highway 114

Fort Worth, TX 76177

(817) 215-8500

Pecan Meadow Ranch

7275 Farm to Market 2164, Sanger, TX 76266
(817) 300-6774

Pecan Meadow Ranch Pasture & Facilities, the health and safety of our equine guests is our priority.

Our pipe and cable fences are well maintained and the property is cross fenced with no climb horse fence. The pastures of Pecan Meadow Ranch are rich in nutrients, essential for a healthy equine diet.

We have plenty of room to ride here at the ranch, or you can take your horse just a few miles, and enjoy over 30 miles of greenbelt trail riding.

Individual grassy paddock areas offer our clients individual feeding choices for their horses to compliment the common Bermuda and coastal mix in the paddocks.

Bolivar Street Gallery

212 Bolivar St, Sanger, TX 76266 Phone: (940) 458-9004

North Star Dragway

3236 Memory Ln, Denton, TX 76207 Phone: (940) 482-9998

North Star Dragway continually strives to be the racers and spectators favorite drag racing facility in North Texas. Placing emphasis on track maintenance, driver safety and promotion, all the while remaining focused on the existing established programs and fundamentals that have brought success to NSD in previous years. We are also proud to bring back old school heads up racing and other such venues. NSD takes great pride in providing fun, family-friendly events that entertain the entire family and will keep them talking long after they leave.

Saturdays are our "Feature Event" days when we welcome in some of the fastest racing associations in the country. Some of these events are multiple days of non-stop drag racing action. From the quickest outlaw doorslammers to the wildest fire breathing fuel altereds in the country, NSD brings you the best choices of drag racing entertainment in North Texas. These events on average bring in more than 150 racers and over 1,000 fans to the track each weekend. For 2013, we have scheduled some of the fastest outlaw racers and cars in the country, be sure to check out our schedule and "Feature Events" page to find out more!

We look forward to seeing you at the races!

C. H. Collins Stadium

Address: 1500 Long Rd, Denton, TX 76207 Phone: (940) 369-0073

The Parker House Haunted Attraction

Address: 8550 W University Dr, Denton, TX 76207 Phone: (469) 556-3475

The Parker House


Until the 1940's the families of the dead would keep their deceased love ones in their homes until the time came for burials. A family member would have to stay with the body at all times until it was buried to keep the animals from disturbing it. This was called, "the wake". This could go on for days while the family members traveled from all around the country to pay their respects.

Over 65 years ago, old man Parker, his wife Nancy and daughter Mary, changed all that by providing their home (to these families) for this purpose. The dead would be brought to their home and the mortician would care for the body until the family could get together to say their goodbyes and bury their loved one. They named it, "The Parker's Funeral Home".

This business turned into a very profitable endeavor and the dead from miles around passed through the Parker's home for many years until it was closed suddenly after the discovery of what had been going on behind the scenes.

Living in the shadows around death since childhood, old man Parker's daughter, "Mary" lost her sensitivity for human life. After old man Parker and his wife met their fatal end in a plane crash Mary was left to carry on the family business. The business immediately started going down hill with the introduction of "big business" in town. People were overlooking the smaller family mortuaries.

In her hardened state, Mary started to salvage parts of the dead to re-sell on the black market. She would remove the organs from the bodies without the love ones knowledge and sell them to people in order to keep the Morgue alive. This paid more then the mortuary business over time. It soon became the primary source of income for Mary with the Funeral Home being the front to hide her grizzly works.

Soon, the town was not supplying her with enough bodies to keep up with her buyers demands. That's when Mary started creating her own victims. She would lure the homeless and runaways around the town with promises of a job and place to stay. They would follow Mary right into her traps. She would remove their body parts in the most horrific ways and discard the remains in the graveyard or cremation chamber.

This went on undetected until one trusting transient found himself in her trap and managed to escape. He was able to make it to the police and tell them the horrifying practices going on. The FBI raided the back rooms of the Parker House and seized the home with all its contents in their original state of torture.

After more then 20 years of probing and investigations conducted by governmental agencies, the "Parker House" was put up for sale.

We have bought it and reassembled it in its original state in order for you to witness, first hand how awful the tortures really were.

We're Waiting for you......

Buffalo Valley Event Center

Address: 2946 Ganzer Rd. W, Denton, TX 76207 Phone: (940) 482-3409

Hours: Monday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Buffalo Valley Event Center is a special events venue that provides for many unique event opportunities. Whether you have 100 guests or 1200; intimacy, elegance and tranquility are guaranteed. The Buffalo Valley Event Center offers every possible amenity as well as beauty, exclusivity and an old world graciousness that makes any event one of a kind.

Apogee Stadium

Address: 1251 S Bonnie Brae St, Denton, TX 76207 Phone: (940) 565-2527







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